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Our office has a clear generalized vocation since its creation, dealing with Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Criminal and Labor Law preferably, with a deep knowledge of conflicts and lawsuits related with the Civil Service.

One of our partners also runs an office in the province of Pontevedra (Vilagarcía de Arosa) that covers our clients´needs in this area.

At present, we work with an International Lawyers network, which allows us to attend to any issue through our collaborators all around Spain and Europe

Likewise, we have contacts in some important cities in Latin America, such as Buenos Aires, Caracas, etc.; as well as in Vancouver and New York due to the large number of Galicians and Galician descendants in America and the commercial flow among these countries. The complexity and interdependence of the bordering relations has led us to get in touch with lawyers´offices from several countries in order to meet our clients´interests.

We are legal service providers of the European Commission (Private Law Body) with the registration number 6000711091.

Our lawyers have a deep knowledge of revocation of floor clauses and banking Liability for the amounts paid by the purchasers in ungiven homes.

Law firm in A Coruña and Villagarcía (Galicia)

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