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Penal and penitentiary law

In relation to traffic offences/crimes the fact of receiving a penal lawsuit must not be underestimated as the consequences of a penal sentence, no matter the duration, create serious effects in the citizens’ rights and assets. From the very first moment, we must consult a lawyer about the legal procedure. In our Law Office you will find the technical assistance of a penal lawyer for both penal and penitentiary law.

The Criminal Code, apparently distant, regulates almost everything as it can be seen in the progressive penal divisiveness of our society. The fact of having a criminal record might imply the implementation of reoccurrence if a second crime takes place worsening the sentence.

For a foreigner in Spain (not member of the EU) the sentence of a crime might imply the expulsion from the country in certain cases, without the possibility of a residence or work permit if there is a criminal record.

The European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS) was funded in 2012 to exchange criminal records in the EU. The information is available in digital format. The system allows to access quickly to the criminal records of the convicts.

If a member state of the EU sentences a citizen from another member of state it has to send the information to this state (it is even possible the exchange of information for different purposes). The police records are not the same as the criminal records. They include the details of the reports of the Police or Civil Guard and they can be inspected or invalidated, and we can help you to do it.

Speaking about firms, a penal sentence might include the closure, dissolution and discontinuation of services or activities or a maximum of 5 years.

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