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All citizens might be involved in an inheritance at any time, both as testators choosing the testamentary disposition which adapts better to the tax benefit of the heirs, and as heirs, with or without will (declaration of heirs). The testator must seek advice preventively before executing the will and the heir must have legal aid in relation to the acceptance or not of the will if it has debts, in the position to take in a community of heirs, and of course in relation to the inheritance tax settlement, the partition and the division of the estate will.


Our Law Office has had extensive experience in hereditary advice for more of 30 years, in the judicial and extrajudicial field, both in national and foreign inheritances, in its own character, especially in Galicia with its own foral Law and with its own tax benefits as well:

  1. Inheritance tax settlement of home and foreign people.
  2. Arrangements to cash life insurance.
  3. Testamentary inheritance and intestate succession, legacy, trusts and modal charges and conditions.
  4. Widow´s usufruct.
  5. Galician Civil Law of Inheritance.
  6. International Inheritance.
  7. Hereditary Partitions.

We elaborate budgets of estimated fees.

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